Visit Gdańsk and WIN 500 PLN !*
In order to get a chance to win 500 PLN you should: 1. Watch all the films during the contest screenings in Gdańsk. 2. Give each film a note of 1 to 10 points on the Voting Card. (The film set planned for Sunday 3.12.2017 "Films For Children" can be reviewed earlier via Internet with a link received from the Festival Organizers. 3. After every screening get a sticker confirming your presence in the screening room and place it in the Voting Card. 4. Throw the Voting Card with your points and 8 stickers to the special box at the NCK - South Baltic Cultural Centre until Saturday, 2.12.2017, 5:00 pm. 5. Take part in the Closing Ceremony, 2.12. 2017 at St. John's Centre (starting att 6:00 pm. The winner of 500 PLN will be announced after the drawing. You have to be present there in order to get the award.

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